Risk Offset Limited

Our founder, along with his like-minded associates, imagined a service provider that embraced the challenges, obstacles of various old practices and transformed them to provide specialist consultation with innovative operations to businesses.

We aim to provide smart physical deployment with the capability of technologically advanced, specialist protective resources, emergency medical and training services across its international network and restoring the confidence to partners in various parts of the world through the commercial and humanitarian support.

As a business, we assist in the successful creation and strategic control of risks management through support services and strategic decision making systems that facilitate companies and their employees to thrive.

In our Humanitarian missions, we have worked alongside various partners in varied capacities and roles. We effectively play a technical and operational role that has proven to be a crucial part of the critical service to the teams. Our “all hands on deck” approach – has enabled us to bring all our expert skill sets and resources to the table and boots on the ground to help in all corrective actions.

We assist our clients to fully evaluate the risks the organisations may face, acting to mitigate these risks in the form of compliance, planning of the security, medical areas. Wherever feasible, we also provide the tools to prepare proactive and reactive measures successfully to a crisis, should it occur? And better protect and manage the risks.


Understanding the threat and risk, mitigating the risk, and building capacity is a critical capability to gain to protect better and manage the risk.


Risk Offset Limited is a veteran business which seeks to understand, contribute and mitigate the threats throughout the operations process.


By preferring to partner with us, you will be bolstered by a proven advisor in quality risk security and safety services, with unparalleled access to international best practice and integrating our extensive experience in operations in complex environments.

We manifest our expertise through our innovative and leading-edge strategy, including people management, process efficiencies, quality controls, safety management systems and world-class technology, to carefully secure your business needs in high-risk environments.

Let’s Make Something Great!


We are second to none!

Having served in Military, Medical, Law Enforcement and Public Safety backgrounds makes us

'Ready to Deploy' straight from the packaging.

We love to prove our worth!

With the experiences and knowledge acquired over time makes us operate 'above the curve' compared to anyone else.

We enjoy what we do!

We mean it, if it wasn't the case we wouldn't be here asking for more. Our resilience and ever-ready attitude carries us further than what we see.

100+ Years of Combined Experience

All our personnel come from the Frontline Military, Medical, Law Enforcement & Government Public Safety backgrounds.

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