Coverage over global frontiers and businesses risks present challenges for security and safety operations globally, especially in the developing and competitive markets.

Having an insight into these risks through acquired knowledge, risk analysis, advisory and experience can make a mark in highlighting the difference between security and safety, financial or loss of valuable reputation.

Risk Offset fuses knowledge and expertise with the understandings drawn from our extensive global on-the-ground operators to provide insightful resource and strategic advice to companies, governments and individuals working in these unfamiliar, semi-transparent and challenging markets.

Our experience in the areas of security in peace-time or during, emergencies both medical or humanitarian makes a service provider of a specialist choice.

Our assistance has no bounds. Get in touch, we'll be clear and transparent to discuss your needs and we'll do our best to do better because partnerships matter to us.

100+ Years of Combined Experience

All our personnel come from the Frontline Military, Medical, Law Enforcement & Government Public Safety backgrounds.

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