Our consulting solutions help organizations create world-class in-house risk management and analysis programs. Through our work, we assist groups in transforming their role from a tactically driven “consult when necessary” support function to an intelligence driven “necessary to consult” strategic business function.

Like our training, specialist analysis and operational support, our consulting solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your organization and designed to position your team as thought leaders on various projects. We design, evaluate, and develop your operations from the ground up. This includes everything from program creation and evaluation, to strategic design, and recruiting and specialist training.

We audit, evaluate, and advise on current systems. Through this process we build integrated best-practice, business compliant and technology solutions that increase strategic value to the business, better integrate the function with the value chain, and raise visibility of the organization.

Tailored solutions: Simply, we help you with what you need help with. Whether its developing a proposal to start an in-house program, building out a budget, designing a product line, determining a timeline for expanding your operations, or coaching strategy on business development – we can help.

We work with the highest level of private and public sector subject matter expertise to match the exact needs of our clients. Our work includes (but is not limited to):

Site security and counterterrorism survey

Pre-event Planning - 

Site Survey, Security &

Counter-Terrorism Risks Assessment

VIP & HNW Protection - Advance Surveys, Venue / Residential, Travel Security

Medical Risks -

Site Survey, Medical Requirements Analysis

Business Continuity -SIA ACS Compliance - Latest Guidance - Prepare for staying up to date with the latest industry requirements.

High-Risk Individuals - Profiling, Surveillance

& Risk Analysis

Crowd Safety Risks Assessment -

Taking all reasonable steps in making your event successful.

100+ Years of Combined Experience

All our personnel come from the Frontline Military, Medical, Law Enforcement & Government Public Safety backgrounds.

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