Media Security & Transport

● Protective Travel Service

● Backwatch Operations

● Route Planning

● Residential Security

Site Risks Assessment

● Rapid Situational Awareness

● Aerial Site Exploration

● Medical Needs Assessment

● Site Security Design

Residential Structure Rebuilding

● Emergency Medic Site Design
● Secure High-Value Transport
● Protective Site Security Setup
● Satallite Communications

Resource Creation & Sustaining

● Secure Accreditation

● Enrolment
● Supply Chain & Transport

● Site Planning & Devellopment


Risk Offset is committed to strengthening the local community’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. We seek to transform suffering into wellbeing while protecting rights, dignity and livelihoods – with a focus on families and children. In Humanitarian contexts, we provide our crisis response and operational support around the world. As we are aware disasters and public unrests have dramatically increased in recent years.

We apply our hard work and resources to restore mechanisms that can contribute to saving the dignity and economic independence, as well as being a more efficient and effective through the use of the valuable funds we collect from profits of our operations and donations.

Emergency Medical Assistance

● Restorative Medicine

● Emergency Care & Triage

● Outbreak Limitation

● A&E Travel Doctors

Health Checks

● Dentistry

● General Practitioners

● Vaccinations

● Sexual Health

Our Partners

100+ Years of Combined Experience

All our personnel come from the Frontline Military, Medical, Law Enforcement & Government Public Safety backgrounds.

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