● Health & Safety Policy

● Equality & Diversity Policy

● Corporate Social Responsibility

● Ethical Sourcing Policy

● Officers Code of Practice

● International Operations Policy

● Public Safeguarding Policy

● Data Protection Policy

● Company Standards


We understand that the delivery of any plan can grow to be a complicated, resource-driven and a time-critical process. By partnering with us, we will support you in developing competitive business agility by deploying critical objectives, stakeholder engagement strategy, enhanced capabilities, optimised communication, risk offsetting measures with overall strategic control and resilience.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your objectives, resources, clients and prepare you to achieve benchmarking industry standards. During this process, we test the robustness of your business, operations, demand and supply performance, adaptability to show resilience and examine the practices in place for the community it serves.

Our team of Specialist Consultants and operations team offer services below (but not limited to):

Executive Close Protection

● VIP Travel Planning

● HNW Residential Security

● Advance Exploration Assets

● Urban Areas Covert Protection

High-Value Asset Protection & Transit

● Protective Security Driver

● Secure Escort 

● Protective Travel Service

Aerial Site Reconnaissance 

Specialist Event Security

● Specialist Pit Safety & Protection

● Secure Accreditation

● Secure Site Entry & Perimeter Security

● Hostile Reconnaissance Disruption

Security Assessments

● Event Site Security

● GIS & Site 3D Mapping

● Situational Awareness

● Crowded Spaces Risk

Hostile Threat Management
● High-Risk Tactical Response

● Risk Individuals Compliance

Risk Groups Management

● Counterterrorism Risks Analysis

Threat Assessment

● Intelligence Gathering

● Defensive Tactics

● Backwatch Operations

● Security Assessment

Our Company Policies

Emergency Medical Service

● High-Risk Tactical Medic Team
● HNW Travel Doctor
● Event Medical Support
● Emergency First Response

Medical Assessments

● Venue / Event Medical Assessment

● Doctor's Medical Risks Analysis
● High-Risk Areas Medical Audit

Our Partners & Accreditors

100+ Years of Combined Experience

All our personnel come from the Frontline Military, Medical, Law Enforcement & Government Public Safety backgrounds.

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